Two articles on Evernote have crossed my desk, and they're worth sharing.

The ever-inspiring Sacha Chua details how she uses Evernote in conjunction with sketchnotes, and how Evernote's OCR helps when she wants to find something later. It even got her to change from cursive note-taking within the sketchnotes to printing to make the OCR more accurate. I don't have the graphical creative gene, so I won't be making sketchnotes anytime soon, but it does show how useful Evernote can be after you've stored your notes. (I've been more interested in using other software to do OCR (like Prizmo on my iPhone) and then store in Evernote, but maybe this is the nudge I need to rely on Evernote's OCR more).

Last month, Whitson Gordon wrote at length about how he was using Evernote wrong, and how he uses it for almost everything. I was skeptical of the Web Clipper, but recently using it to catalog online aggregators has shown me the light. I needed the nudges of 1) creating many notebooks instead of settling with a couple, and 2) related notes when searching Google, which have reminded from time to time what I have stored in Evernote.