If there's a note-taking tool, in that tool is a note about that tool. In Evernote's case, I have a separate notebook dedicated to documenting the quirks of the software, and keep track of known issues with links to their support request in the Evernote forums. The nice thing about Postach.io is that you assign an entire notebook to the blog, and when you tag a note as 'published', only then does it go to your Postach.io blog. So I'll use my "Evernote" notebook as both my blog on the subject and some annoyances (which I'm all about getting out of my head to see how ridiculous they might be) and ideas that I can keep private until the time comes.

Didn't I see a privacy policy on the site somewhere? Theoretically Postach.io has access to everything in my Evernote? Does Evernote have per-notebook authorization? Some questions to hang in the air while I research them myself.

There, I moved the note I had about Evernote that was in my main Evernote notebook to my Evernote notebook titled "Evernote". Phew!