Despite attempts to get my data out of Evernote and switch to a file-system based note-taking workflow with a Dropbox back-end, I ended up landing on using...every system imaginable. I use the iOS Notes a lot because the app has come a really long way, and like the file-system way for some thing and cloud-based tools for other things. Evernote has a great ecosystem but there are times I want to just something else.

My main use for Evernote in the last month has been to take notes on novels read for my book club. I'm jotting down places and books mentioned in Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie for later research and reading. I also have my Instapaper highlights syncing over using the same workflow as Diana Kimball's Digital Commonplace Book System. looks interesting. I miss, which enabled sharing of highlights and even showed you the highlights by others from the same source. I held out hope that Betaworks would integrate it with Instapaper directly, even if I am grateful for the latter's highlight feature. Context Boost is still interesting if a little mysterious, more so since Evernote has their own context boosting feature.

In the end I don't care which tool I use so I use all of them. Almost all of the notes I make are for other people, they my notes almost always go into the tool they're most comfortable with at the time.